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Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH 32%


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Product quality

NaOH % 32,0±1,0
Na2CO3 % Max 0,3
NaCl mg/kg Max 120,0
NaClO3 mg/kg Max 50,0
Fe2O3 mg/kg Max 4,0
Pb mg/kg Max 2,0
Lead content of heavy metalsì (Pb) mg/kg Max 10,0
Arsenic content as As2O3 mg/kg Max 1,0
Hg mg/kg Max 0,1

Product use

Paper making industry: To make paper by the method of Sulphate and Soda, it is necessary to use NaOH caustic soda for rough treatment of bamboo, cork, wood…
Production of artificial silk: Elimination and decomposition of harmful substances (Ligin & Cellulose) in wood pulp that affect the production of silk fibers
Pharmaceutical industry: Manufactures a wide range of drugs and pharmaceuticals, from common pain relievers like aspirin, to anticoagulants (which can help prevent blood clots) and cholesterol-lowering drugs
Soap and detergent manufacturing industry
Oil and gas industry: Adjusting the pH of drilling fluids, such as in addition to removing sulfur, acid substances in petroleum refining …
Textile and dyeing industry: As a degradant of Pectins (a dry wax formed in the processing of raw fabrics), to give the fabric color more shine and quickly absorb the color
Water treatment industry: Increases the pH of water
Aluminum ore processing: Extracting Alumina from natural minerals, producing aluminum and aluminum products.

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