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History of establishment and development


South Basic Chemicals Joint Stock Company is the leading manufacturer of basic inorganic chemicals in Vietnam, under the Vietnam Chemical Group.

The process of formation and development of the Company went through many stages. From the early years after April 30, 1975, with the efforts of the Board of Directors and the departments of mass organizations, the Company was established on July 21, 1976 under the Decision No. 240/HC of the General Department of Industry and Trade. Chemicals includes 04 subsidiaries, namely Bien Hoa Chemical Factory (VICACO), Tan Binh Chemical Factory (COPHATA), Dong Nai Chemical Factory and Thu Duc Chemical Factory. After its establishment, due to the needs of research, production and development, the Company established a number of additional units such as: Bao Loc Bauxite Mine (November 26, 1976), Experimental Research Workshop (1977) and Mechanical Workshop. Electricity.

In the 1990s, Vietnam’s economy began to open up and integrate. Faced with that situation, in accordance with the general development direction and the need for market restructuring, from a state-owned enterprise, the unit was transformed into South Basic Chemical Company by economic arbitration. Ho Chi Minh City issued Business Registration Number 102408 on March 5, 1993.

Up to now, after more than 35 years of operation and development, South Basic Chemical Company is one of the leading units in the chemical industry. In 2003, for the first time, the Company was granted a business certificate by the Department of Planning and Investment No. 4104000071 on March 24, 2003. This is the premise for the turning point to change to a one-member operation form of the Company with the official name: South Basic Chemical Company Limited (referred to as: Domain Basic Chemical Company). Male).

In 2012, the Prime Minister directed the restructuring of the Vietnam Chemical Group, whereby South Basic Chemicals One Member Limited Company was transformed into a joint stock company.

On July 28, 2013, Vietnam Chemical Corporation signed Decision No. 248/QD-HCVN approving the plan to convert South Basic Chemicals Company Limited into BASIC CHEMICALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY SOUTH.

On 12/12/2013, the General Meeting of Shareholders to establish the Southern Basic Chemicals Joint Stock Company was conducted. On January 1, 2014, the company officially operated under the name SOUTH BASIC CHEMICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

The development of the Company is associated with the development stages of the country from the time of unification until now. The company constantly strives and innovates to meet the needs of the domestic market, as well as export abroad with high quality, environmentally friendly products and reasonable prices. After 8 times of registration of changes, from the initial charter capital of 61 billion VND to 442 billion VND (2014). Currently, the Company has 5 affiliated units and one former unit has changed to a joint stock company model:

Bien Hoa Chemical Factory  Establish 1976
Dong Nai Chemical Factory  Establish 1976
Branch  Old Tan Binh Chemical Factory (Takeover since 1975)
 Nhà Máy Hóa Chất Tân Bình 2  Establish 2009
Tan Binh Chemical Factory 2  Establish 1976
Phosphorus Joint Stock Company VN  Established in 2004 (moved from Vietnam Phosphorus Factory in 2010)


We constantly improve thinking and technology, improve services to always develop and serve customers better and better. We always aim for a green, clean, safe and quality production environment in production and business activities. The basic inorganic chemical products produced by our company are of high quality, environmentally friendly and reasonably priced.


– 1995: Certificate of Merit from Vietnam Labor Confederation
– 2000: 3rd class Labor Medal
– 2004: 2nd class Labor Medal
– 2006: Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister

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