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Chloramine B (Powder, carton 25kg)

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Chloramine B is a chlorine-based disinfectant with broad spectrum efficacy. The product is highly effective against a wide range of microorganisms including bacterial spores.

Listed by the World Health Organization as an essential drug in any health system, Chloramine B is a disinfectant suitable for the decontamination of environmental surfaces or objects that act as means of transmission. Infectious Diseases.

The disinfecting power of Chloramine B is expressed as “active chlorine” (percentage for solid compounds; percentage or parts per million (ppm) for solution) according to the concentration level.

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health has announced DECREE No. 3486/QD-BYT, August 7, 2020 INTRODUCING INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAMPLE SARS-COV-2 PATIENTS including instructions for the use of Chloramine B disinfectant. .

Product quality

Indicator name Unit Result
Status Flour
Chloramine B % 99%
Active chlorine content % Min 25%
Free Alkali content (NaOH):         Min 0.3% % 0.3%

Product use

The optimal use of Chloramin B is to kill bacteria, disinfect surfaces – where viruses tend to be active – including the new Corona virus. Recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health for disinfection not only in hospitals but also in public places. Therefore, in Vietnam, Chloramin B is widely used to disinfect public areas such as schools, hospitals, medical facilities, etc.

In Ha Tinh province, the Department of Health has sprayed Chloramin B for schools, health stations and many offices where people often gather to prevent the Corona virus from spreading to the community. (http://soyte.hatinh.gov.vn/tin-tuc-su-kien/phun-hoa-chat-diet-khuan-chloramin-b-tai-184-truong-hoc-tren.html)

Many provinces have been instructed to spray Chloramin B 0.5% in places where the patient is suspected of being infected with nCoV, where the patient works, in isolation, and in transportation for the patient; apply Chloramin B 0.5% spray in schools, colleges, universities… (https://ncov.moh.gov.vn/-/khong-lo-la-chu-quan-trong-phong-chong- dich-ncov) (http: //www.hcmulaw.edu.vn/en/thong-tin-tuyen-truyen/tai-sao-truong-dh-luat-tp-hcm-dung-chloramin-b-trong-quy – Trinh-phong-chong -dich-covid-19)

In kindergartens, Chloramin B is also recommended to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in children. (http://benhvien115.com.vn/kien-thuc-y-khoa-/huong-dan-cach-pha-chloramin-b-phong-benh-tay-chan-mieng/20170705045853158)

Currently, most schools and hospitals in Vietnam have instructions for using Chloramin B to disinfect and clean surfaces, so this is a potential point for product development. Now is the right time to bring the product to market and reach the users.

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